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havenxovers's Journal

Syfy's Haven Crossovers
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This is the HAVEN CROSSOVERS lj community... were you can post anything related to a Haven Crossover, fanart, fanfics, recs, videos, icons, etc.

1. TAG TAG TAG your entries.
2. Use LJ-cuts!!!! Check the LJ FAQ/Help pages to LEARN how if you don't already know.
3. Do not post any single entries about yourself. You may introduce yourself if your adding fanwork or something else.
4. If your posting a fanfic, please remember to include: title, rating, pairings/characters, warnings/spoilers, and summary.
5. And lastly, no bashing any member for their opinions. And ABSOLUTELY NO BASHING THE CHARACTERS or any CROSSOVERS.
6. No trolling.
7. Due to Spam posts, we had to become a moderated joining community, thus if you submit yourself for approval - please take into consideration that if you are new to LJ or don't usually write ANYTHING your journal, than you will be rejected. Comment HERE to let me know if you're human and not an evil spam.

*AFFILIATES* if you wish to become affiliates, comment here.
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